Social Gathering

its been a long tym I didnt on9..
maybe im BUSY? oh yea~ ahaa..

BUSY wif QUIZZes.. ASGGMENT.. bla bla bla
O.K lets story about what i wanna tell all of ya.. haha

Last week on 22th JANUARY 2010,we having a social gathering..
This activity involving us, D.I.A Part04 & D.I.S Part 06..
We have been ask to use formal attire..
Everyone looks GLAMOUROUS.. aww! haha..
Well for me,this kind of activity is very usefull to us..
We get an experience on how to communicate with others..
We also get a lot of information about other company..
After the discussion, we were having photoshoot hihi..

thats all fer now..
to be continue soon!


over & over again..
guess whose song?

now is 11:17pm..
im getting sleepy.. its too early for a teenage like me to sleep..
errr is it true? bla bla bla..
actually i have no idea tonight..
but tonight gonna be a goodnight~ ahaa.. ;p

ok.. serious mode pls!
lastweek class had been cancelled twice..

which is monday & friday..
so nothing much to talk about it..
on wednesday we have done some activities which i think is quite interesting..
nextweek gonna submit it to mdm aries..
cant wait for the next activity! hihi

since tonight gonna be a goodnight, i want to sleep now.. hihi
~i dreamed a dream~


heiii everyone..........
im back! updating my blog.. hihi

tis week, I have done:

  • introduction of myself
  • choose & pick 1 company of klse list
  • acting (hihi ;p)

well.. i have lots of fun during classes..
mostly on friday..
mdm aries ask us to speak & act..
we really enjoy doing and watching it.. haha
my classmates are really good in acting..
so funny.. hihi
erm.. however , there is a homework for us during this weekend..
so i gotta find some info for my Bonia's company.

catch ya l8er! daa~

my first entry..

hey hey~! here i am..
OMG! im having a blog..? so this is my 1st tym blogging.. ahaa..
ok.. lets get it started..
most of my friend called me ira..
but actually my full name is Nadhira..

erk!! im running out of time..
so i cant share more about myself..
well there is a 'next time' ryt? ;)

soo.. a cat.. which i think the best animal describe me..
hehe.. the characteristics simply like me.. =)

Im fun loving. Im very Loyal to those around me, and love to make friends. Im always with my family and friends. Im being loved and protected by many, and Im everybody's Best Friend. But I never forget when someone betrays me or my family, and will seek revenge on those unwise enough to cross me. It is easy for me to find love.

So, what your comment?
is it really me??
drop some comment.. =)